Friday, January 2, 2009

LOL.... our country diggs

These are some of the toys were received as "hand-me-downs" from our neighbors (they sooo don't look used!!). While we were out the other day I was noticing how much yellow and green we now have in our yard...

My "urban" siblings always joke me about being "country" when they come to visit. They think I live a quiet and simple life ( although my house is NEVER quiet unless they are watching a video or PBS kids)! When they sit at the kitchen table for a meal, we share our yummy biscuits with homemade jam. They can see and hear farming equipment driving down our HWY road in front of our house!

And now my kids are "driving" JOhn Deere toys...... LOL

***The kids are really enjoying these "new" toys!! We are so blessing by our sweet small town friends and neighbors:)

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