Sunday, January 4, 2009

She Likes IT, She LIkes IT

As I've mentioned before, my Lydia is a PICKY eater!! Lately it feels like it's gotten worse, or maybe I'm just noticing more through the different food during the holidays meals. Honestly during most of out holiday meals, Lydia ate bread, biscuits, fruit, some raw carrots and juice.

This week we've been putting the same variety of foods in front of Lydia but this time we're limiting her fruit and bread until she finishes more of her meats and veggies...

I don't like conflict at meals. But I don't want Lydia missing out on all the proteins and vitamins, either.

Two days ago I fixed some yummy sauteed pork chops.... when we "laid down the law" Lydia knew she wasn't going to just to eat the bread we had on the table. A few minutes later she started to eat.... she ate ALL of her pork chops. And then some of the leftovers the next afternoon!!

Last night we fixed spaghetti and meatballs. Usually if our spaghetti has larger pieces of meat (ie, sausage, chicken,etc) Lydia will just eat the spaghetti. In fact we've joked about switching Christopher and Lydia's plates when they stop eating because Lydia usually leaves all her meat and Christoher leaves all his spaghetti!!!

But last night, she LOVED her meatballs! She had two more servings of meatballs... she ate a little more than an adult serving!!

While I doubt this is the end of our "picky little eater" at least she is eating SOMETHING NEW!!!

Here is a fun pic of Christopher and his yummy meal:)


Jenn said...

That is great! YAY LYDIA!!!

It is hard to know what to do sometimes, especially if they have texture issues like Jordan did/does. And with you dealing with never know if their aversion to a certain food is their body's way of saying, "This doesn't work with my system".

Jordan was always labeled a picky eater by family from an early age, and would only eat bread and cheese. She would go days without eating other foods if we tried to hold out...she would eat them, then vomit certain foods out as soon as they hit her mouth. (We always thought she was just being stubborn)

Her limited diet has been so frustrating through the yrs, and had we known what we were dealing with back then, we could have helped her better. Hers is the sensory integration issues with textures tho.

She is doing better. We don't allow her but a certain amount of bread...and like you, she has to eat the other things first OR she can put the fruit of veggie with a food she tolerates and chew them together. She can only take very tiny bits at a time, or she gets sick. We do a lot of V-8 fusion too! The one with the veggies mixed with berry fusion. :) She can't tolerate seeds or anything with too much mush or strings.

I'm not saying this is at all Lyds issue, but keep an eye on it for sure, because you never know and sometimes at that age they can't verbalize how they are feeling.

You are such a good mom, and so attentive to Lydia's needs about this.

I'm so glad she is trying new foods, and that is very brave on her part. :)

Thank you for sharing and hope you all have a blessed and Happy New Year. jenn

Stacey said...

That spaghetti looks sooo good :) And Yay for Lydia! Why is it that meal times have to be a struggle sometimes? It sure isn't fun!