Thursday, January 8, 2009

Light Out - 1st Sleep Over and NO Distractions

Here is our view as we left my parent's house and headed down the highway.... ahh the BIG city.... when I see this I can't wait to get HOME to my little one-stop light (literally) town:)

Looking at the sky reminded me of the messy day we had had and that the power might still be OFF at my HOME!

About halfway on our journey home, Daddy called and asked how far we were and suggested we turn back!!!! Well the weather was fine where I was so we pressed on:) Our dinner together! EVen though the kids were exhausted and I was nervous about the road.. we had a nice dinner together:)

Although the roads we littered with branches from trees and the gusts of wind were very strong we headed to home SLOWLY...

At home the light were off. Brian had every candle he could find lit:) The kids weren't too happy with no lights but they settled down with some banana bread and then Pjs.

Since our kids like their "night lights" we decided to lett hem sleep in the living room with the candles (and us)!! Brian read a chapter and some in Farmer Boy (by Laura Ingalls Wilder) and the kids (and almost MOmmy) we OUT for the night:)

Our 1st Sleep Over:)

After the kids fell asleep Brian and I sat on the couch and talked. Usually at night, he'll pull out some work and I'll get on the computer for a little while. Then we'll watch a movie and head off to bed.

But last night we sat ont he couch a talked about our days.... it was nice! I wasn't that we neglect talking. We talk... it just usually happens in the midst of blogging, reading, cleaning, movies or folding laundry! Last night we had NO distractions. After we chatted, Brian looked through some of our pictures and he ate a cold leftover dinner, we crashed in the living room with the kids!

About 12:30am the lights, TV, microwave...everything came on!! It was kind-of funny to have the house "awake" while we were sleeping....

I must be getting "old" but by the time the lights came back on, the floor wasn't feeling soo comfortable either:) So Brian carried the kiddies back to their beds and we crashed in our own cozy bed:)

***I'll try to get some pictures of our fun day on the blog tonight or tomorrow:)

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