Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Girls Go Together :)

We've all been made fun of by the opposite sex... They always joke us, ladies, about going to the restroom together!

How early does it start???

Well I'm now thinking that "bathroom" social breaks start before we girls are 2 years old!!! LOL

Anna jumped up from the table at lunch yesterday to use the potty. As she was running to the potty we hear and see Lydia jump out of her seat saying,"Mee tooo, I need to go potty!"

Immediately then I hear Daddy groan saying,"Is it starting already?" LOL

Little girls:) How sweet to see them bonding. Seeing them wanting to help each other and spend time together... even while it's washing their hands:)

Ladies, why do we do that??? What's with the "social bathroom trips"??


Anonymous said...

I do not have any idea why we do this. Maybe to talk about the boys as they cannot follow us there? LOL I really don't know. But guess what? I also go to the restroom in a restaurant alone. :-)

Dorian said...

It's for safety. And because those stall doors don't always close. You need someone to hold them closed! =o)

3 for Me! said...

ha ha ha haa

Jenny - Maybe it is get a break frm the boys...LOL

Dorian- You are a hoot!! Sooo funny...but TRUE!! There have been plenty of times someone has had to hold the door for me...