Thursday, January 22, 2009

Easy Trip, but Left my Reader!!!!

We LOVE to leave the house EARLY when we have a LONG journey ahead of us, but this morning with the ice still lingering we decided to wait just a bit.... "out-of-the-house goal" was 9:30am (just after the school buses)...

When did we leave???? Hmm, more like 11am....LOL... ahhh, vacation:)

Minus a few swabbles in the back on the van... all having to do with "keeping our hands to ourselves", we had a very eaasy trip:) YAY!!

**Anna drew pictures

**Christopher kept his underwear DRY
We only stoppped twice and had him use the potty each time... pretty good for a 5.5 hr trip:)

**Lydia's slight fever went away and she napped:)

**We had lunch on the road
Little plastic storage cups make GREAT food holders for little guys on a trip!!

**Really enjoyed Daddy's "new" GPS.... (what did we do without these things)

**We ALL napped some

**EVen Chippies/Warren enjoyed his ride:)
Yes, we took the fish!!! I just never got around to making arrangements for him to stay with neighbors... and I wasn't about to see if he could last 5 days without food :( So he got to come to Grandma's too... the kids like having him with us:) And he has just gotten "normal" after staying at Andreas and being swatted and stared at by her Dinah....LOL!!!

It seems with traveling with young kiddies, any trip that is uneventful is a victory and good:) So we are thankful for our easy trip!! And that we are now with our family!!

My only sadness is that I left my SD card reader at home:( So the pics might be few this week as we try to get cameras, cards and cords working for us:)

What does an easy trip look like for you and your fam????

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Drea said...

AHH yes.. GPS ... I love ours :-)