Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lydia: My Day as a 2-yr Old

Now that I'm 2.... There are many things I can "try" and do!!

Here is my 1st Day being 2 Years Old!!

I fed myself my Cheerios with soymilk!

I can use my spoon and scoop those little O's into my mouth. But just in case I miss, I removed my shirt so it wouldn't get wet:)

Don't let my Mommy fool you into thinking she's the only coupon-savvy lady in the house!! Anna and I LOVE to cut coupons!

So this morning, Grandma and I cut the coupons:) Boy, oh boy we had coupons and paper everywhere. And we had soo much fun that Christopher and Anna came to help us:)

I tried to dress myself,too!!! I tried and tried to get the dress over my head until....

I got stuck and had to go into the kitchen for some assistance!! Thank goodness Grandma helped as MOmmy took sme pictures of me.

I brushed my teeth by myself!! I really like brushing my teeth. My favorite part is sucking all the toothpaste off the toothbrush. And sometimes I'll try to "tickle" my teeth:)

I went for a walk with my Grandma, Brother and Sister. They're not in the picture because Anna got cold and Christopher found a fire ant mound... he waited until Grandma and I were closer before he put sticks on top to "feed" to the fire ants.

I ate lunch with my Gran-Grandma, at her house. We got to eat one of my favorite meals (for today).... HOT DOGS!! Yummmy!! Gran-Grandma likes them too.....

After lunch and the adults tried to talk with Gran-Grandma, I wrestled with Christopher!

He is my favorite wrestling pal (because he lets me pin him to the ground and pretends he can't get upuntil Mommy and Daddy tell me to let him go).

I played chase in Grandma's house with Daddy. Oh, I LOVE to find him, say," Daddy, get me!" and go running in the opposite direction hoping I'll hear him growling behind me.

And then he catches me.... he tickles me and kisses me. And turns me upside down:) I squeal and squeal... and my face turns red. But I LOVE it;)

I had a great time in Grandma and Grandaddy's HUGE bathtub....

And Grandma lets us SPLASH and SPLASH!! It was soo much fun! Too bad Grandma got as wet as I did:)

I snuggled with Daddy for a little while before our bedtime reading. I LOVE snuggles and still like to crawl into any available and friendly lap.

Mommy didn't take any pictures of me sleeping (must have been her "mommy time"). But I look like a little angel when I sleep.


Anonymous said...

Ah, what a sweet idea to tell the day from Lydia's point of few. It is so great!

Mark and Rachel said...

So cute :) Sounds like a full, fun day!

Dorian said...

Great commentary Kelly! She's such a sweetie!

Stacey said...

That is such a cute post :) She's definitely a big girl now!