Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Season of Training

It seems like every couple of months we go through a "season of training or correction". Either we see things that aren't being done or the kids are becoming "less obedient" or there are things that we want to be done differently.... this "season" is a combo of all of those... LOL!!

It's probably also because we are gearing up for Nathaniel!! Before we had each of our kids we realized that in order to mantain "order" our kids, even though they were little (see the pic!!), were going to have to be obedient and helpful. They have HAD to!!! It's not possible to grocery shop or go to the park when I have a child not obeying, running off, crying when they don't want to leave, etc!!

OK, sooooo we still have to do some work;) But we have time! And these are the things that we are working on:)

*We have tried to teach the kids that "we're a TEAM!!" It's not just us bossing the kids around, but all of us working together! It warms my heart to hear Anna tell one of her siblings that she will help them with a chore/task..... then she goes into the room singing "teamwork, teamwork, what's going to work? teamwork" !!!

*We are having the kids complete "morning chores" which consists of getting dressed, brushing their teeth, and tidying up their rooms. These are basic I know... but it teaches them responsibility and they are ready for the day; whether it's schooling, going outside or grocery shopping;) And the kids have different jobs depending on their ages.... one nice thing is that Lydia is following the routine and doing more chores than I really had planned just because she sees Anna doing them. NICE!!!

*We are also trying to have the kids help during mealtimes. The kids help us tidy the eating area, set the table, put utensils away, put their plates/utensils/cups in the sink after eating, and clean up the table after the meal. Obviously, all of these tasks require us to "train" them... show them how, teach them how, encourage them to do the task correctly and then expect them to complete them each time we ask.

*Two more fun training opportunities are to play with "one toy at a time" and "putting items away where they were found"!! WOW, these have been a hard for us. The kids understand both, but excitement over the next activity and laziness with cleaning up have been a challenge to overcome. But these are becoming MUCH needed disciplines as I get bigger and clumsier... LOL! But seriously, being sleep-deprived with a newborn on my arms, a toy car or baby left in the middle of the hallway is just asking for trouble!!! (imagine how uncluttered my house could stay if all of us tried to follow these two goals???)

*And we are also going through the "obedience basics"! Those who have read Shepherding a Child's Heart by Ted Tripp remember the 3 steps to obedience...

  1. Obeying All the Way

  2. Obeying Right Away

  3. Obeying with a Happy Heart

So, if the blog gets a little "quiet" OR I only post pics.... you now know that our "season of training" is in session. And those moms out there know that actually training our kids to do what is right can be time-consuming and energy-consuming!

*** I have a little more that I've been learning and challenged by in my correction/training/disciplining.... I'm hoping to get my thought together soon to share what I have learned in order to encourage:)


Stam House said...

I love your post and funny thing I have posted a similar post last week (on training a child heart!)

BTW I love Shepherding a Child's and those 3 points of obedience I apply them to not only kiddos but us also we have to obey God and submit to our husband in the same way!

Thanks for sharing this post!

Bunch of Barrons said...

I love those three points you true. I'll say a prayer for you guys, I know "training" isn't easy, but it's what's best for them in the long run. :)

Kate said...

Hey is it okay if I call you 7,000 times a day so you can tell me how to do this whole parenting thing?? You seem like you know what you're doing!

We're reading Sheparding a Child's Heart right now in mom's group, but we're only on chapter 3 and its not really 'clicking' with most of us. We're finding there's not a whole lot of 'application' to it, like HOW TO GET to where we SHOULD be!

I love your blog...its one of my best parenting resources!! ;) So keep it coming!