Monday, February 22, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Yay!! Another Tuesday to share all the silly conversations in my house;) And don't forget to visit read others:)

I will never forget this conversation with Anna, I seriously thought my heart was about to be broken over her final answer!

I was getting ready for church one Sunday morning and Anna came into my room trying to get her shoes strapped on. And she told me,"Mommy, I really wished we had everything we needed."

Brian and I are careful about not friviously spending money on the kids and the night before we had taken Lydia to the store to choose her "prize". We had to tell Chris and Anna that if they saw something they liked we could help them save for it or wait until a birthday/holiday!!

So with that background I asked, "Like what? What do you think we need that we don't have?", knowing that her answer might break my heart.

She looks up at me and answers,"Like manners, we really need more manners." (There must have been a squabble around the shoe bin!!! LOL!!)

I HAVE to share Lydia's "toddler talk" that is still lingering:

*After eating her dinner she asks," Can I have a fweet now?"

*We had a neighbor playing with the kids and Lydia asks,"Can she come in we house?"

*We were talking about plans to meet up with a family. I mentioned that they had a little boy about Anna's age. Lydia pipes up, "I not like boys... [Brian and Chris reminding her that they are boys]... I just like gwirls!"

I love the extra "w"... just makes me want to kiss those lingering chubby cheeks:)
And Chris carried on his own conversation with Nathaniel this week. He hugged just my belly.... his hands on the top and his cheek pressed against my belly button.

Then he asks,"Hey! Nathaniel, when are you coming out?"

[he waits a second with his ear against my tummy now]

Chris: "Oh, when you are done growing, OK!!"


Andrea said...

Oh so adorable! I love TTT!

Sincerely Anna said...

Cute tiny talk! Thanks for stopping by today, nice to meet you!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

THAT is so cute. We could all use more manners! :)

Can't wait till they meet the baby!!!

Happy TTT!