Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Construction CRazies has Begun... & Delay??

I mentioned last week that work was being done to the church parsonage (our home!!!).

The "official" construction begins Monday morning at 8am and is planning to last at least a month!!! Phew.... are we ready for this:) LOL!!!

But this week we had some heat/cooling guys putting new air return vents in some parts of the house. We knew were were "in trouble" when the men said," What kind of walls do you all have? [plaster].... oh, this is going to get really messy!" They weren't joking!! Plaster dust EVERYWHERE... curtains, bedding, dust UNDER the beds.... lets just say a couple of rooms got some MASSIVE "spring cleaning" a little early!!!

Today we have an electrician working on getting electricity up in the attic and how it will connect to the rest of the house! I'm new to "construction" so I don't really know what to expect.... but this time I have the rooms clean enough to throw blankets over beds and toys....

I'm a little more prepared this time..... Hopefully!

But in the midst of "construction Crazies" .... school must go on!! And we are doing the best we can:)

*** Update!!! The electrician took one look at the job and quicly decided that it was more than he could handle.... so we'll have to get another electrician to come in and do what needs to be done BEFORE stuff can start on Monday.... maybe some delay???


Jenny said...

That does sound like a mess!

Bunch of Barrons said...

Wow! :) Nothing like a little motivation to get your cleaning done. haha. Hope it all gets finished up quickly for y'all!

Stam House said...

wow! now do you need to clean after them or they clean up their mess after they make it?

I know some companies do the clean up as part of their job (I think that is the way it should be hehe)

How are you feeling, how is pregnancy going along???