Monday, February 15, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Yay!! Another Tuesday to share all the silly conversations in my house;) And don't forget to visit read others:)

So Anna had to write a few sentences last week on something she collects. She was kind of stumped on the idea of what items she has collected, so her and I (with Chris and Lydia in the room) start talking about her collections.

Me: You have some My Little Ponys, Barbies and Polly Pockets. You like stickers!

Anna (5 yrs old): Hmmm... ok.

Chris (4 yrs old): Well, Momma, you collect weeds. There are a lot in our garden!

LOL!!! Thanks for the reminder there, Buddy, that my gardens are all overgrown and desperately need Momma to get outside and get to work;) Here's to some dry and warmer days to get that done!!!!

We enjoyed playing out in the snow on Saturday!!! We had the kids all bundled up, but with the snow being packable and "wet" the kids' fingers got colder more quickly than a few weeks ago.

The kids called to Brian and I, who were standing across the yard at the church, one at a time:
Anna: Mommy!!! Daddy!!! I want to go inside my fingers are cold!
Lydia (3 yrs old): I want to go inside, too, me fingers are cold!
Chris: I want to go inside, my fingers are too cold!! And my bottom is cold, too!!

I do wonder what the neighbors think sometimes when they hear the kids!! LOL!!


We've been enjoying some leftover cake from Awana last week. It always takes me a minute to understand when Lydia asks for some.

Lydia: Mommy, can me have some of me cak-es?

And at lunch the other day she asked for some and I told she had to finish her carrots and apples first. But when she finished her meal she saw Anna getting a different treat and she wanted what Anna was having instead.

Brian(the Daddy): Lydia, if you don't eat that last piece of cake, I will.
Lydia: Daddy, you can have that piece of cake after you finish you food on you plate.

Brian responded: "Great, now I have another girl to tell me what to do." LOL!! Don't worry Daddy the boys will be equal in number to the girls soon enough:)


Last week we had a family in a neighboring community loose all they had in a house fire. As I was with the kids, I thought I'd take the opportunity to remind them what we should do if their was a fire in our house. I told them about having to crawl on the ground to the closest outside door if there was smoke in the house.

Anna relayed the discussion to Christopher a few moments later (he wasn't in the room at the time). She told him about looking or smoke and crawling on the ground. Then she added," And you should crawl on the ground even in jeans that you don't want holes in. Because you need to be safe and out of the smoke!" She thinks of everything:)


At lunch I fed the kids some leftover fruit salad. Bananas and strawberries NEVER look right the next day!! Anna looked down into the salad bowl and announced, "I think this salad looks a little sketchy."

Brian and I giggled a bit and then asked Anna what "sketchy" meant. And she admitted she didn't know!! LOL!! But I did think it was funny that she was using the word like I would have;)


Anonymous said...

Poor Brian! LOL and it will take another 2 years till Nathaniel will speak and can help him...and who knows maybe at that time another girl is knocking at your door. ;-)

Jenny said...

LOL at all of it! My poor dad lived in a house with my Mom, 3 daughters and his MIL!

Rikki said...

So fun to read the things kids say!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Andrea said...

I'd hate to think my boys wouldn't make it out of a house fire cuz of alllll the harpin' I do about keeping holes from their knees!! And don't you worry - I'm an AVID collector of weeds too - lol!
Nice to meet you too! Happy TTT!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh my goodness - these all cracked me up. I use the word, "sketchy" a lot...wonder if my kids know what that means.

yes, lots of girls to tell him what to do. I am sure my son feels that way too!

happy TTT!