Sunday, February 21, 2010

i heart face - Hands

I love taking pictures of the kids' hands so I have plenty of my "ok" pics to submit this week at I heart Faces: Hands!!!

But instead of concentrating on all the sweet little baby pudgy hands and parenting hands loving on little Hannah Grace, I decided to share this special, generational picture:

I took this picture when we celebrated the January birthdays! Gran-Grandma was celebrating her 101st birthday and sitting at the table with her hand on her birthday cards. I didn't realize until I was looking through the pictures later in the evening that Gran-Grandma had her hand on the card that Anna had made for her!!!!

I am just sooo thankful that my kids have had the opportunity to get to know their GREAT grandma... not through pictures or visiting her at an old folks home. But they have been in Gran-Grandma's house and we've eaten meals together. And they have made her birthday cards!


Jenny said...

I LOVE this picture! It's perfect!

Joy Taylor said...

How special and nice card!

Michelle Pixie said...

A very special life moment captured!

Anonymous said...

Great picture. I love it.