Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

You can join in Tiny Talk Tuesday, too!! It's fun to record the silly conversations throughout the week and share them. Visit Not Before 7 to join in:)

Chris was watching the morning news with Brian. A commercial for Kay Jewelers came on... you know the mushy love type. The man gave the woman a beautiful sparkling ring and they start to snuggle/kiss.

Christopher gets this "that's gross face" and says, "what's that ring for??"

Guess he's not the romantic type..... at least not yet:)


Chris spent the better part of one evening drawing pictures.... he had a ton of them:) So as were transition into bedtime he decided to hand out his works of art:)

He gave Brian a jet plane, a monster truck, and a super fast race car. Then he hands me a picture, telling me," And I drew this broken down car for you, Mom!" LOL... I graciously accepted it as Daddy teased me about his super cool pictures. Oh, I also got a fire truck... that was neat:)

In Science we have moved from animals to the Human Body. I have been collecting books and such but saw a fun book on a homeschooling blog( wish I remembered whose)!! It's called My Body and you trace your child's body on paper and then glue in the body organs as you study them... soo much fun!

So last week we did "the brain". And I was a slacker and didn't get the outlines of the kids up on the doors until Monday morning. Anna finally got to glue her brain on her body outline this morning.

Chris looked up at me and asked, "Where is my brain?"

In context it was part of the conversation. But it sounded soo funny coming from him, especially since it was such a sincere question!!


I have gotten a few opportunities to escape the house these last few days. One to attend Andrea's baby shower for a few moments and the next to attend the homeschool mom's Bible study Monday night (such a sweet blessing every month).

My belly has received the sweetest "good-byes" during these times!! Each child will run over and kiss my belly through my shirt and say, "Bye, Nathaniel!" I know it's kind of fun and silly for them right now....

but my heart is soo touched by their acts of love towards their little brother. Makes me wish for May to come a little sooner, so we can all meet him face-to-face. But for now it's "belly love" and some little kicks!


LifeAtTheCircus.com said...

so sweet! my youngest was singing songs to my belly last week and trying to look in my belly button, but couldn't see the baby. :-)

I love that human body diagram idea... will def be tucking it away to use later!!

Jenny said...

LOL about the ring commercial!

Ginger said...

How sweet! What an adorable little family you have! I'm lovin' your blog!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh, I am sure that romantic bone will develop in its proper time :)

We loved building the body last year - a fun keepsake!

Happy TTT!

JILL O. MILES said...

I think Mom needs a body outline, and in addition to adding your brain you can add the baby too :-)