Tuesday, February 16, 2010

WFMW: Cut Them in Half

I've been joked plenty of my strange habits of cutting things in half... LOL!!

The "girls" have joked me for YEARS about ripping my wipes in half before using them... but I found I used HALF the amount of wipes... especially when they have such tiny little bottoms!!! When I was diapering 3 bottoms..... it was a HUGE savings:)

Well my family has been on me for YEARS about my next "confession"..... I cut my sponges in half, too!!

Maybe it started because of the size of my hands and half a sponge fits soo nicely in my petite hands;) Or maybe I realized that the sponge gets soo nasty sooo quickly, that by cutting them in half I could use each separately and doubling the "life" of ONE sponge;)

The funniest thing was that at Christmas when my family ate at my mom's, my brother groaned when he went to wash the dishes. I thought something had happened.... LOL!!! But he said in frustration, "What's with this sponge being soo small, it's like someone cut it in half!!!!"After all those years of being a joke, my momma now cuts hers in half too;) LOL!!!

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And I'm hoping to answer some of your questions from last week's WFMW soon:)


Jenny said...

That is hilarious! We don't use sponges, but I do cut my softener sheets in half.

Amanda said...

Oh I should see if there are things like this that I could cut in half!

Kim said...

LOL! I remember you doing that in college! :)

RLR said...

I've done this with wipes and dryer sheets, and we use select-@-size paper towels. I cut a 1" piece off of my m@gic er@ser, too, since I usually only need a small bit. I've never seen this tip about sponges, though, and will be trying it this week!