Tuesday, February 23, 2010

WFMW: Limiting AM Computer Distractions

With all the changes coming in the next week (construction to the house), the beautiful weather beckonging outside and in the upcoming months (preparing for Nate!!!)......

I've decided that STARTING/COMPLETING school more efficiently in the morning has to be more of a priority!!

We are working on getting the kids to complete their chores in a more timely manner... always fun! And getting everyone fed and the kitchen area tided up;)

But even with those areas there was still one area that needed WORK.... it was Momma!! yes, me!! In the mornings, I like to get ready, eat and "compute"!! But I wasn't just spending a few minutes and it wasn't just those few minutes..... all morning I'd "quickly" check email, blogs, etc! But all those minutes of "Momma distractions" add up!

And then the kids started to get distracted while I wasn't FOCUSED on THEM! Or would see the computer being used and beg to play one of their favorite online games (starfall.com or pbskids.org are our favs)!

So for almost 2 weeks now, MY "computing" has changed to reflect this need to be FOCUSED!! I have quickly checked email or linked up my blog while I eat breakfast and then I turn it OFF (or at least on standby with NO sounds coming through)!!!!

I can NOT believe how much this has changed the productivity of our mornings!! I have been sooo excited the amount of work that Anna, Chris and Lydia have been able to do these last two weeks! And I really have had time to work with Lydia and Chris.... versus 10-20 minutes and sending them off to play for a bit. They have used more "stations" and I started doing some handwriting with them:) Lydia LOVES it.... asks when we're starting school and begs for more "letter sheets" or to work in her workbook:)

I've often been in the mental debate of how to balance all my Mommy/wife responsibilities with being on the computer..... that's another blog for another time. But I thought this was a simple solution to focus on the BIG priorities that demand my time right now... in this sweet schooling stage:)

Staying up late to watch the Olympics has given me the late-night opportunities... but now I have to figure out when to get in some "computing" time for Momma when the Olympics are over and as I need the extra rest with Nate coming in a little more than 2 months!!

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Erin said...

Good idea :) Mama's computer time is an issue, here, too, at times.

Ally said...

Great idea...so simple, but yet so difficult :)

The Household 6 Diva said...

Turning OFF the computer for periods of time during the day has greatly improved my efficiency and my distractions!! Especially with small children at home (I have 3 littles as well... 4yo, 2yo, and 6mo...)

You have yourself a new follower! :)

Jenny said...

I find that I get so much more done when I don't turn the computer on until the late afternoon.