Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Diaper-free Girl:)

Lydia is my "potty training" wonder.... she wanted to potty train when I was working with Christopher. The month she turned two she had accompished being potty trained during the day!! Soon after she began asking to wear "big girl pants" (BGP) during naptime... oh, I dreaded her waking wet, but I went with it and we've had only s few accidents.

She's been dry at night for MONTHS... many months!! I would ask her to try BGP but she was always unwilling. Finally a few weeks ago, Lydia and I had a talk:) I encouraged her to "try" the BGP at night! Then we made a simple little chart tracing her hands and putting stickers on each fingernail for each morning she woke dry:)

She went 10 days (two hands... LOL!!) without ANY accidents at night!!! Sometimes NOT wanting to have BGP, but the security of a diaper....

but there was a prize!!! Like Anna, we told her that we'd bring her to the store to pick out a toy:) And for 10 days she talked about a Polly Pocket... LOL!! But when she got to the store, she changed her mind;)

You can see her pride;)

As a Momma expecting another little bottom to diaper, I am VERY excited to have one less kiddo in diapers:) And I was sooo proud of my little determined girl.... she has been the EASIEST with the potty by FAR!!

Yay!!! for Lydia:) Totally diaper-free:)


Drea said...

Thats awesome abt lydia! shes so so smart.. you need to also mention she was fully dressing herself by like age 1 HAHAHA..

Taite and caleb have both done well potty training... i cant complain. TO have boys trained by two is a task in itself... but night time.. well it just has not happen for either of our boys.. ive tried everything :(

One day tho.
Taite is free from stinky pull ups in the morning now tho. so praise the lord we have no more poop in anyones pants haha

Jenny said...

That is awesome! Abby took much longer than that, but I was so happy to not have to buy diapers anymore!

grandma said...

Congratulations Lydia. You are such a smart and ambitious little girl. And a beautiful one too!

Bunch of Barrons said...

That is awesome! I am trying to potty train Merrick right now, and so far it's kind of touch and go. I can't wait to be down to one in diapers, at least for a little while! :)