Tuesday, February 2, 2010

WFMW: Scheduling posts

The theme for this week's Works For Me Wednesday is Blogging tips:) In soo many ways I'm still a new blogger and I have much to learn. So I'll be checking out some tips from some veterans and newbies who know WAY more!!

One blogger function that I have enjoyed is saving and scheduling posts!! Throughout the week, I'll hear something funny that the kids say and think it's perfect for Tiny Talk Tuesday or take a picture that would be fun to share for Wordless Wednesday. Instead of trying to remember the picture number or what the kids actually said, I'll just sit and start the post. Then I'll set the post option (on blogger its right next to the labels) for the day and time I want it posted;) Too easy:)

I've scheduled posts for major vacations, too!!! Before I leave I write a few posts... usually ones I've been meaning to share... schedule them and then I'm off:)

It's also really great for when I write a review for SIMPLE.... my normal day to post is Saturday morning, I can't imagine my family not doing something fun together Friday night because I have a post due in the morning;) So during the week I work on it and schedule it. Friday night I'm out with the family, Saturday morning I'm making pancakes with the kids and the review goes up:)

So there's my simple and easy blogging tip! I know.... I have a lot to learn :)


suzannah said...

i almost never schedule posts, because blogger tends to jack up the formatting if i add pictures--like making the writing microscopic. i try to always check once it posts to make sure everything looks normal. do you ever have formatting problems like that?

(love your sweet babywearing girl. we got our toddler her own sling too:)

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

I just started taking advantage of this feature and it is so great. I tend to have a day where I blog 4 posts and then a day where I am blogged out..it allows me to spread things out a little...and put the posts where I want instead of when they pop into my head.

cute blog!

Anonymous said...

That's great! I did not know about the scheduled post! I am too new myself LOL
I will try it out! Thanks for this tip!

Sandra said...

I love the scheduling function too!

Our Lives said...

Thank you so much for this post! (Did you schedule this one? :)). I have been wanting to learn that but just didn't have time to figure out all the special features on Blogger. I am very excited to have learned it from you. I hope the formatting would not jacked up as Suzannah mentioned on the first comment.
Thanks again for sharing this great tip.