Thursday, February 4, 2010

She Can DO it!!!!!!

Anna has been wating to learn to tie her shoes.... she's been practicing for MONTHS. I've tried all the little rhymes and stories. But nothing has really helped.

Last week when we were visiting my parents, my mom sat down with her and showed her. I'm not sure how Grammies know sooo much (maybe it's from having the experience of already teaching a crew how to do it)!!

Anna came into the office the other day saying that she needed ehr shoes tied. I leaned down to tie them and she pulled away and said that she could "do it herself". And I let her, thinking she'd try a couple o times and then I'd help her!

But she surprised me! And when she started to work on the other shoe I pulled out the camera... I had to capture this MAJOR milestone;)

Way to go, Anna!!!!


Meg said...

Yea Anna! Congratulations! What big girl!

Jenny said...

That is awesome!! Abby's never had a pair of shoes that tied. I always get the mary jane style with the strap.

Anonymous said...

That's great! Congratulations Anna!
You will be able now to help Chris and Lydia to tie their shoes, too! They probably will wonder that their big sister can do it!