Wednesday, July 1, 2009

WFMW : Summer Food Edition

The theme for this week is Summer Food recipes... if you're needing some inspiration or wanting to get out of the food-rut check out some of the other posts at Works for Me Wednesday.... I will be there, too!!

My criteria for "summer food" is simple, quick and doesn't heat-up the house:) So these are my favorite summer foods, even though we enjoy them year round:)

One of our favorite dinners is salad with chicken on top. So easy and pretty cheap in the summer with all the garden veggies! We are having salad with chicken tonight and it's soo affordable.... clearance salad mix at Piggly Wiggly I picked up this morning, chicken tenders I got SOO CHEAP during a Food Lion special, veggies on sale or given to us my friends and neighbors:) I cook the chicken on the George Foreman so there is NO oven on.

Salad dressing is the hardest part for us and salads! Brian really likes RANCH so he has to decide if he's willing to risk a reaction or not. Christopher likes the Ken's Salad Spritzers... many of which are milk, egg and peanut free! And Brian and I have gotten soo used to eating meals without cheese that we don't even miss the cheese on our salads anymore:)

My next favorite dish in the summer is FRUIT salad!! We do have it year round.... but in the summer there are more fresh fruits to choose from:) This salad was missing something.. thinking it was blueberries that I'm soo ready to pick:)

Finally, a summer must have (that we've limited to the weekends or with company) is sweet tea!! You've got to have sweet, cool drinks in the summer!! Once we've even put peach herbal tea bags and one regular one to make peach tea!! Oh, it was soo good!!

After the last Harris Teeter Super Doubles couponing EVENT (lol) we discovered V8 Splash! For 50 cents, we were willling to try out Mango Peach.... Chris, Brian and I have been drinking it down mixed with some water becasue it is SWEET! It would also make really yummy juice popsicles... but I don't think it will last that long:)

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BK said...

This fruit salad is one very healthy treat for all ages. But the kids will love this especially. At least I know my niece and nephews will love this.