Monday, July 6, 2009

Which One Did He Choose??????

Brian sold his pick-up truck and purchased a little Blue Saturn station wagon when we found out we were pregnant with Anna. We bought it off the side of the road from some guy selling his "aunt's" car. Well it was winter and we thought we got a GREAT deal until the summer came along.... the car had NO Air Conditioning.... not good for a hot natured guy in the middle of the summer:)

So when Brian finished school he had on his agenda to sell his little blue Saturn and get a car! At first he was thinking of getting a new car, but after seeing a couple of great used car deals he thought it might be better use of money to buy a nice used car.

Before I reveal some of the cars... the kids did well car shopping with us.... the whole day of shopping they did realy, really well. Here are some pictures of their day at the car lotsssssss:)

So here are some of the cars that we looked at:

2009 Honda CRV

2006 Mercury Mariner

2008 Ford Focus
2007 Mercury Mariner (red)
2007 Colorado
2008 Saturn VUE
SO WHICH did BRIAN choose????

Do you want to know which I liked??? LOL... we BOTH really, really liked the 2007 Mercury Mariner... it was red on the outside and the interior colors were black and white.... so sweet!! I liked that it was a smaller SUV and I really think all 3 carseats could have fit in the back!

Back to the Real Question.... which car above did my practical and smart hubby (who is not-so-secretly hoping for a MG convertible now since he bought a used car) choose??

I'll do the BIG REVEAL... when he comes home after the car has been detailed:)


Jenny said...

Hey, don't leave me hanging! LOL! My parents have been looking at buying a car for a few months. I wish they would just go ahead and buy one and get it over with! LOL!

devita said...

I don't know about him but I'll choose Ford Focus!! Love it!

Drea said...

The Honda or the Saturn?

Stacey said...

I'm guessing the Ford, just because it was probably the cheapest :)

Grammie said...

I think the Focus, because gas mileage and its your getaway car. HeHe

aunt jaclyn said...

i would take the honda crv, great mileage and lots of space! plus, hondas keep their resale value more than any other car brand.