Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Fun Trip Pics:)

We did have a fun trip to my parent's house:) It was supposed to be a one day thing... but then my brother and mom offered to keep the kids so Brian and I could get out by ourselves... so we stayed and enjoyed a night out on Monday. Then Tuesday AM before everyone went to work, they told us they hoped we'd stay until they got home from work... so we stayed Tuesday night and enjoyed Pey coming home and Tori coming to visit!

One of the funniest stories was that Grammie asked the kids what things they saw on the trip to her house. They all said cranes:) So Grammie gets excited and goes into this LONG story about egrets taking over the trees in an area near her house!!

LOL.... she thought the kids had seen a crane BIRD but the kids had seen a construction/shipping equipment anyway, we did make the couple mile journey to see the Rookery... aka where the egrets have made their nests:) I'd hate to be the house under those trees with 50+ egerts lived overheld and leaving their droppings....ewwwwww...

Hannah Grace smiling for us. Grammie and Jaclyn can make her do it!They do this little "baby talk" thing and she smiles:)

I love this picture of Hannah Grace!! She looks soo grown as if she was saying, "Is she still holding the camera? Give me a break lady! I'm NOT smiling anymore you got your smile picture." LOL

Lydia jumping to the water! Like the anticipation on her face:)

Anna loving the water:)

Christopher's new way to jump into the water:)

Chris held Hannah Grace!! He was soo sweet! I loved that he leaned over a kissed her forehead. I HAD to make him do it again, so I could get a picture... of course:) (and I didn't have to offer him a SweetTart either...LOL)

Night swimming:)

We enjoyed ourselves and have the pile of laundry to get done to prove it. After our busy VBS week last week, we really needed a break and our time with Grammie, Pey and family really was nice.

And believe it or not we actually accomplished a LOT while we were there.

  • Made 2 HT trips during their Super Doubles saving almost $90!!
  • I finally got to go to a clothing store and look around.
  • We ate at Ritas:)
  • Then I found a local homeschool store that was AMAZING... it carried BOTH new and used:) And the variety of supplies was incredible! I got our school books for CHEAPER than Amazon, plus I paid NO shipping since I purchased it while at the store AND I got exactly what I needed:) Definitely where I'll be doing my homeschool shopping:)
  • And of course Brian and I's date night:) Olive Garden and a movie:) It was nice:)

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Bunch of Barrons said...

Great pictures...looks like a lot of fun! :)