Friday, July 24, 2009

My VBS Moments from Today

Can you tell I've been busy with VBS this!! It has been soo much fun and utterly exhausting at the same time!! I have run on adrenaline for almost 3 hours every morning this week.... I just love the excitement of the kids and I TRY to keep up with them.

I've had many reasons to be excited this week!! From getting to spend time with new families and getting some time with some neighborhood kids that I have literally watched grow up!! It's been such a honor to have all the kids at our church, be apart of their lives this week and teach them more about Christ!

This morning I almost busted into tears during the opening music time. The kids were singing and trying to follow the signs to some of the songs (which I have really enjoyed especially for how CLEAR the Gospel is presented in them). I look down and hear a little voice.

It was MY sweet, Little Anna girl!! She was singing about Christ and following all the signs. It touched my heart to know that these verses (many of which come from Scripture) are finding a way into her heart. Each day we talk about Jesus, share a BIble story, memorize a memory verse and each song she learns she is learning about Christ and that is AMAZING!! And such a wonderful thing for a Mommy to see.

My little bug has transformed herself back into a "baby" this week. She insists on someone holding her wherever we go and sitting on my lap while we have snack ot Bible Study.... where did my MISS LITTLE Independence go????

So another sweet moment from today was Lydia opening up. Talking and playing with some of the other younger children AND laughing!! There was a sweet little boy that started coming Thursday.... I have been soo impressed with this little 3-yr olds manners and willingness to share!! But he and Lydia were tossing a ball back and forth. He must have been making silly faces to get Lydia to laugh because she did and was... and they were good 'ole belly laughs:)

It was just another sweet moment for this exhausted Momma:)

And now I'm off to bake a sweet allergy-safe treat for my family to enjoy tonight at our VBS Family Friday Night Finale:)

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Grammie said...

So glad that this week brought such joy to your heart and to the children's. Praise God that

"I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me" Phil. 4:13

God is soooo faithful.