Friday, July 10, 2009

Potty Training & Garden Intruders

NOt sure what everyone is in the mood to hear today... what will inspire????

The day for me has been potty training and working in the garden:)

I feel like something has to change with potty training... either he completes this journey or diapers!! LOL... Seriously though, a year of washing out stinky underwear has brought me to this... LOL!!

For a while we have restricted Chris from sweets until he was potty trained. What happens though is that we will not have dessert while Christopher is limited.... so last night while outside after dinner I let the girls have their treat...

Yes, this is what I saw, the girls giving Chris licks of their popsicles!!! They are soo compassionate toward their brother.... I am thankful for that. But I guess it's not much of a restriction if your sisters give you some of theirs:)

So this week we told Little Man that all the kids that make stinky in the potty get to "go out" with Daddy!! So the girls immediately realized that they could go!!!!! Chris was a little disappointed at the requirement, but we told him that he'd have two days to "TRY". Yesterday, he was told that TONIGHT was the NIGHT... he'd have today; until they left to "do the deed". Unfortunately, so far it's not looking good!!

To help him out, Wedneday, Thursday and today I kept him close. I tried my best to have him at my side at all times.... THIs is SOO HARD! Anyway, days he's get away from me for a second a couple of times, hid and then we're in the bathroom scrubbing out pants again!!

I really think keeping him close though has helped some.... so maybe I'll keep it up!! I'm thinking he'll get SICK of having to stand or play next to me and that will be the motivation to use the potty!! LOL!!

Onto the garden... I haven't spent ANY time in my garden this year... it stinks because I really do enjoy having the garden looking nice. I didn't plant ANYTHING this year and my garden is FULL of flowers:) But embarassingly overgrown!!!!

Besides the HUGE weeds intruding into my garden.... I found this little guy!! We've always called these... butterfly moths!! Anyway, I think they are soo cute, but HARD to photography b/c of how quickly they move:)

I have gotten some weeds pulled up this morning.... but the garden and potty training need a lot more attention!!! Looks like we have our weekend cut out for us:)


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, I remember we told the son of friends of us that he could not start to go to the kindergarten if he cannot use the toilet...but since you homeschool them it will not help. Sorry no other idea right now.

grammie said...

I think we called them "hummingbird moths" not "butterfly" but I knew what you meant.

Potty are patient, I'm not sure I would have lasted this long. Maybe you could tell him that Grammie has a new rule-"only big kids who go on the potty get to swim in her pool."