Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our New Set of Wheels

Well I thought it was great that you all left your guesses:) Before you scroll down these are the things Brian likes about his new car:

  • It's sporty, cool blue!
  • He got 38 mpg on the highway on the way home
  • Within our price range
  • Great condition!!
  • Black interior with an IPod hook-up... sweet!
  • The perfect amount of car for our 2nd car

So here it is!!! The Ford Focus!!

While we were originally looking at Honda's CRVs or Saturn VUE type cars.... they were nice!!... so gas mileage and price really convinced us! Plus Brian is holding out to get his weekend car- a little MG!

And I'm thinking the girls and I will enjoy using it... lol!!


Jenny said...

I knew he'd get the Focus. You just can't beat that price and the gas mileage!

Pepe said...

Brian, what happened to the 740I-BMW?

Stacey said...

Looks good!