Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Van Cleaning, Seating and Singing

It seems every few months we try adjust the seating arrangement in the van.... to make more space or to maintain some bits of piece!! Brian had been wanting to try out a NEW arrangement for some time.... I've been a little hesistant because I didn't think it would "work".

But on Friday, we took out BOTH bench seats and really cleaned our van floor.... and it NEEDED it... don't believe me??? Well I found a petrified frog... no not scared just dead and rigamorios had come and gone...lol

So this week when we put the seats back in, Brian got to try out his idea:)

Ok.... here's what part of our first trip looked and sounded like with this new arrangement.... careful it's LOUD!

Hahhaa... Brian said our Wee Sing Bible Songs sounded like kiddie-BBN... ha hahaa... but the kids listen/sing to them. And I grew up on Wee Sing and I did't turn out to weird:)


Heather said...

I was watching your children screaming and then singing, and Ethan my oldest son comes in, "mom is that us?" Priceless! hahahaha

grandma said...

The children blessed by heart

Jenny said...

Too cute. I wish I had a vehicle that could seat 3 in a row.

Grammie said...

When the song "Come Bless the Lord" came on I had my hands up and was so happy that they put theirs up too. Ahh memories of road trips with Wee Sing. I see it still has its "magic" touch. Can they sing the books of the Bible yet? That song still comes in handy when I'm looking up Scripture at church.HeeHee