Friday, July 17, 2009

Babies Wearing "Babies"

The Mei Tai and Ring Sling were brought out last nigt while the kids played babies:) I HAD to stop cooking dinner to help them put them on and take PICTURES... of course!!!

Believe it or not, but it started with Christopher wanting to carry his giraffe.... gotta love a sensitive, nurturing man!!!!
Then Anna got into the game. She looks so grown to me!!!
Lyida wore her baby for awhile last night and then again this morning she wanted to put on the mei tai!!!! And she gladly smiled for a picture:)
If you didn't think the above pictures were cute.... then you might not like this one either!!! But I thought it was adorable to see Lydia's back with the mei tai straps (just like a mommy's) and then her backwards shorts from her dressing herself:) And her hair in piggies....

We really are at a fun stage!! I love listening to the kids playing "pretend" with each other. They take care of babies, they pretend that each other are cats, or they go to school. TOday they have transformed the living room into their "house" with their sleeping bags as beds and a blanket as their "table" with plates set..... [what a mess!!! lol]
Off to fold laundry, work on VBS materials and stay productive while they play sooo nicely:)


Drea said...

cute! it looks like annas baby is holding the rings haha ,a dorable.

Bunch of Barrons said...

They are so cute! :)

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

That is super cute! Love it!

Melissa said...

I love the verse on your banner! My oldest is going into 2nd grade and has gone to public school the past 2 years. I'm thinking of homeschooling, so I am loving finding new people on the internet who homeschool! I 'followed' you so i can come back and read some more. :)