Thursday, July 16, 2009

After Church Photoshoot

I'm sorry that I've been neglecting the blog this last week... I've been busy with VBS preparations.... Our church's VBS starts MOnday and I've got a lot on my plate!!! I actually think I work better sometimes when I have a lot on my to-do list...

I thought I'd share some pictures the kids and I took after church. They all want to take pictures now!! So we all get to take 4 each and then pass the camera. One of the funniest things is to have the kids direct the others (and me) where to stand and what faces to make:)

Here was mine:)
Here are Lydia's :)

And Anna's:)

And Chris is my Still-Life Photographer :)

Kind of fun that we can go outside with a camera, be silly and have a great time together. And I thought it was a great opportunity to work on cooperation and sharing... as we took turns with the camera and took directions from each other!


Jenny said...

Great pictures. I love to see what my daughter takes pictures of. It is so fun to see her perspective.

Aura said...

These are so neat!!!I love the fact that they all gave instruction on what to do. How nice you give them the opportunity to explore and experience photography. Keep it up. Next they can create their very own scrapbooks.

devita said...

They are too cute!!! Love them!!

Kisses and hugs!