Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: "Ice cream" for us!!

Yay... it's Wednesday!! Time for some more Works for Me Wednesday at We are THAT Family;)

Yes, because of the kids' food allergies they are unable to have real ice cream... they have never had it but they have seen other eat it and have told me that they want ice cream. We've tried soy ice cream... it's not too bad, but we can't experience the whole... family goes out for ice cream together :(

Well now we can with Ritas... I had one nearby in high school and LOVED their Italian ices better yet is that it's fresh ingredients and MANY allergy friendly flavors:) How refreshing to go to a place that happily accommodates for food allergies:) And we joined their Birthday Club... so now for birthdays and half-birthdays we receive coupons... yummy!!!

Today we FINALLY got to bring the kids to a Rita's near my mom's house:) The kids were glad to try this "ice cream"!! And they all really, really, really LIKED it:)

Using coupons and eating at Rita's works for us!! And there is one at Grammies AND Grandmas!!!


Anonymous said...

How lucky you all are! I wish Rita's would be in Germany, too. I am missing to go out for ice-cream, too. Last year I was not fancy for it but this year I am. As my milk allergy is low, I go and buy a packet ice-cream at the supermarket now and then. But I only eat very little of it and then only on the evenings when I'll have free the next day in case that the allergy would break out. Till now it works fine, but it is not the same as going out for ice-cream.

Buffie said...

Oh how I love Ritas. We actually have three of them nearby so we're never far from one. My only problem is getting my daughter to let have some of my own ice.