Thursday, July 9, 2009

Walking Paradox

*** Let me preface anything I will be saying in this post with the fact that I adore my son and couldn't imagine my life (as choatic as it seems sometimes) without him. So while it may seem like a complaint, it's really just putting into the words the challenge of parenthood:)****

My Chris is such an interesting child!! But lately we've noticed what a "walking paradox" he seems to be....

Rough but Gentle..... Christopher's latest past times is to run by his sisters and bonk them on the top of their heads with his fist. Everytime I see him to do he is corrected and told to apologize to his sisters. It's not out of anger or frustration... it's just something fun to do.

BUT then after naptime he comes walking out of his room with his giraffe stuffed animal swaddled in his "nigh-night". Or as I lay on the floor listening to Brian read at night, Christopher will lay his blanket over me, "So you don't get too cold Mommy."

Smart but not Potty Trained.... yes, Christopher is still NOT potty trained... in August it will be 1 year of training!!!! He's almost there and some days I feel like it's getting close... but then I'm scrubbing out more underwear!!

BUT then I sit at the table with him and he is beginning to read... yes, at three! He loves to learn more and he is excited that he'll be able to "read books like Anna". I do admit that he needs motivation most days... but he KNOWs how and he is doing it!!

Just this morning with his bowl of cereal mixed a cup of blueberries, he looked up at me and said, "Mom, this is really delicious! You should try it!"

There are a few more...... like the fact that is always dirty (no matter where we are and how clean I try to keep him) yet he gets a drop of milk on his during breakfast and he needs to change his shirt! Or he will get frustrated and pout (or yell) but when he sees someone from the family get frustrated he will often say,"it's ok" as an encouragement!

Maybe he's not a "walking paradox" but just a little boy with his own quirks:) He's rough and tough and usually dirty but he's got a tender, compassionate and sweet heart! And he's definitely my "class clown" ..... he keeps us in stitches!!

I love the pictures he draws!!! I've started taking more pictures of his pictures before they disappear!! I should be framing some of them....

This picture was one he made of Brian!!! I love that he wanted to write "Dad"! And that he added Brian's glasses:)

Off the library with the crew!!

Another day with Christopher (and the girls) awaits!! And while I know there will probably be challenges... I am soo thankful for my Little Man and so I will correct when needed, encourage constantly and hug and kiss when I can get him:) And ask the Lord for wisdom on how to parent Chris so he becomes a man like King David - "a man after God's own heart"!


Mark and Rachel said...

Precious. Thanks for sharing. I love "seeing" you be a mom!

Anonymous said...

You can be proud to have Chris this way! As much as I have realized at other families through all my life, the kids in the middle always have to fight for attention, the first born get the attention and the youngest and the ones in the middle just run with (know what i mean?). For me, Chris simply act like any little boy and as he is between two girls you just realize it more intensive and this is good for him as he is not and never will be a "run-with-kid". Be sure he will be the perfect big brother to Lydia and follwoing kids when he will be a bit older.

Monica said...


sounds like a boy to me!

monica, mom of two boys, 9 and 7