Thursday, July 30, 2009

Guess The Kid???

The kids had a blast in Grammie's pool!!! They all were jumping in the pool, but I thought this was a fun picture.

Can you guess which kid is jumping in???

UPDATED: Yes, it was Lydia!!! And the tiny ponytail sticking up was the only obvious clue. Another clue would have been that Brian would have only been catching Lydia.... there'e no way in the world he'd "try" to catch Chris... lol... Anna jumps in too, but only on the shallow side where she doesn't need anyone to catch her:)


Drea said...

Lydia? i see the lil pony tail and it doesnt look long enough to be annas hair :)

Anonymous said...

I would guess too, that it is Lydia. The youngest makes the biggest waves. ;-)

Jenny said...

I also think it's Lydia. What a fun pic!