Monday, July 27, 2009


HE DID IT!!!!Yes, Christopher is now making stinkies in the potty!!! I am sooo thankful and amazed that we are finally at this

I think the "end of potty training" started a couple of weeks ago when I was just FLAT OUT tired of cleaning stinky messy underwear! So I took it!!! I did (with some encouragement from others). He DID NOT like it!! But we had a week free of messy because he didn't have any:)

Last week had VBS.... so I did give him back his underwear for most of the week. And we didn't have any memorable messes:) YAY... instead he was using his bedtime diaper...grrr!

Well Saturday he complained that his stomach hurt and we gently reminded him that it was probably his body telling him he needed to use the potty. Sure enough after his bath he jumped on the potty and DID IT!!!! Whooo-hooooo!!!

Even though it was reading/bedtime we let him have an Italian Ice while we read:) He loved it:) It was a nice treat for a little boy who didn't have ANY sweets (except for grandmas, church socials and neighbors giving him candy at church)!!
The other thing of Christopher "Success" to-do list was to call Grandma!! (he called Grammie to celebrate his Sunday AM the joys of grandparenting)

The funniest thing about the video is he delight in telling in!! But I thought I'd mention that Brian got on the phone int he other room and told Christopher he was with Grandma... Christopher ran out of the room to go "find" Brian. Of course Brian was just sitting in the office;)

YAY, for Chris!!! And I'll have to say that it really took waiting for him to just DO IT:)


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Bunch of Barrons said...

Thats great! I cant wait till we can get Merrick potty trained. How old is Christopher?

Kelly @fruit of the Womb said...

Chris will be 4 in November.... we started potty training his ONE year ago.... it's been a lONG journey!!

But with BMs they have to be ready!! Pee-peeing is fun for boys:) But BMs take a little more patience:)

Jenny said...

Too funny! Congrats!