Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shopping Break Fun

This week I decided to do my grocery shopping in a town that I don't usually grocery shop in. But they have a Christian bookstore that I needed some VBS materials from, so driving to this town was required.

I dragged my three "angels" to 4 different stores in a matter of hours... yes, 4!!! During a couple they got a little tired of waiting on me or following me around:)

A friend told me of this Spray Park. So for a shopping break, the kids and I had a picnic, they got on their bathing suits and had a blast!!

I liked that this Spray Park also had a playground in the same fenced in area. So when the kids needed a break from the water they could play on the equipment! It does make it a little tricky though to watch all three when they are each playing in different spots:) Here it was easy to keep them in view as they gathered to go down the same slide:)

During this season of training these little ones, I'm learning more and more how much giving times for my kids to "be kids" during the day and taking time to enjoy them and time with them helps. Us having fun, quality time seems to translate into better obedience on their part and compassion and understanding on mine.

Glad we found the Spray Park and we're hoping to venture out there again soon!

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devita said...

Wow! It's surely be fun there!