Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday : How Do they Watch Fireworks??

Yes, my kids initially were scared again of the fireworks!
Holding on to her baby, snug and safe in the stroller next to Daddy!

Then Chris and Anna with the classic "ear cover"!!

But my favorite was Caleb.... he had his "guns" ready!!

Besides being tired.... hmmm, I mean exhausted... from the day at the beach and then the late night, the kids did ok with the fireworks! The older ones definitely enjoyed them more:)

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Cascia said...

Cute photos! My oldest used to hate fireworks but my two little ones do just fine.

Jenny said...

Great pics. I love how Caleb had his guns ready! LOL! My daughter loves fireworks, but does cover her ears.

Waiting said...

Cute! I was always scared when I was younger!

Betherann said...

Sweet! I was an ear-coverer myself. Love the name of the blog, by the way. Happy WW!

Jessica D. said...

LOL They did'nt look very excited at all! So funny, maybe in a few years!!