Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WW: Big Boy Tools with Daddy

Chris was helping me sweep up our car port. Brian came home in the midst of Chris explaining his good idea of taking out our shop vac to blow to clean it up faster.

So Brian suggested the "Big Boy Tool"!!
Chris was in awe and kiddo heaven.... Daddy time AND a real Man TOOL!


Later that night, Chris took out the markers and made Daddy a picture that reminded them of their time together!! Precious! I love that from the picture you can see how much Chris enjoyed that event:)


Reminds me of a quote from Things We Wished We'd Known about Abundant Homeschooling:
Children need quality time- quantities and quantities of it.
The kind of time children need is the kind only parents can provide.


grandma said...

Christopher, I love your drawing!!!

momto8 said...

fun pictures!!
Happy WW!

Jenny said...

I love the drawing and I love the look on Chris' face in that picture. He is so proud!