Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pretty Kitties

I've never been a cat person.... NEVER!!

Who wants a pet that runs under the car or the bed when you approach them?

Or spend hours congested after petting them?

Not me!!

But here we are... cat owners;) And loving our pretty kitties!!

Collar's long hair and white markings are so beautiful to me:)

And when she washes those bright white paws... the camera is ready to catch the sweetness!

And yes, she is as soft as she looks;)



Suanna said...

Yes, Coller is beautiful. From a cat lover who has no cats and is investing in kids instead. Maybe one day I'll have a long haired gray and white kitty again.

Jenny said...

She is beautiful! You have to be around the right cats to like them. Ours have never run from people. Some do though.