Thursday, March 1, 2012

Only 2 More Months to Go...

{happy} - beautiful day at the park
until my little "baby" is 2 YEARS OLD!!

It seemed like a huge milestone a couple of days ago when he turned one. And we had a simple little party with sweet friends...

 it's only then  remember that it's almost been a year ago now... not days!!

Nate reminds me daily that he isn't a little baby any longer.

Just last evening I asked him to get his bag after Awana when it was time to go... of course, he jumped up, went to the bag and tried to carry it down the hall (wanting to be a big helper)!

There is NO doubt our days are louder, messier and a little crazier because of our busy little Nate:) But the days are also very snuggly and super silly!!

And just looking back at his pictures from last week... he just looks OLDER now... in just a month! 

New Tricks
  • He attempts to build and stack anything... he loves making "towers"
  • When he wants a banana, he gets out a bowl/plate, banana, fork and a knife... and gets all that with a stool:)
  • Brings us diapers, wipes and new clothes when he's ready to be changed
  • Can totally undress himself

{funny} - he is constantly "talking"
New Verbage
  • He has begun to answer questions with "Yesss" and "No"... thankfully he knows the difference, it's been a HUGE help in communication!
  • He's been saying "Kitty" for a while... but after our newest family members, he says it constantly
  • Since he's teasing us with potty training, he also knows the words "pee pee" and "stinky"
  • He has learned more and more animals sounds... dog's bark, cat's meow, monkey's noises
Bad Habits
  • Thankfully we haven't had a biting incident in a little while... maybe it's gone;)
  • He still does the little mad dance and fussing when he doesn't get his way... we just try to NOT give him when he responds to us like that. I'm hoping he outgrows it soon... but I've seen adults do it too :(
  • He climbs into bed with us it the middle of the night... much less often now that his double ear infection has been treated :( He brings with him his blanket, paci, doggie, new Pjs and a diaper;)
  • This is just a pet peeve of mine, but he takes all the lids off the markers.... he'll have a row of 10-15 markers all lined up with NO lids!! Of course I"m usually in the middle of reading with Chris or Lydia and I have neglected to keep tabs on him OR the markers! I know this is just a stage of either us not having our schoolroom and /or Nate being a silly, little guy.... just hoping the markers (and my nerves) last through this "season"
  •  "Signing" as loud as he can with anything straight in his hand... usually on top of a table. I think we have a performer on our hands;)
  • IMG_9672
    {real} - he's a climber... gotta watch his every move:)
  • Dumping the kittens water bowl. Going to fill it with new water. And dumping all of that on the way back to the kittens' box :)
Nate's Favorites
  • Stacking stuff and putting stuff in holes, like the Connect Four chips into the "game board"
  • Reading a "kitty" book where he has to find the kitties on each page... he'll ask to read it over and over before bed
  • Being outside with the kitties
  • Lollipops and green beans :)
  • Playing swords with Chris , aka "Bubba"
  • Baking, especially dumping in ingredients and using the mixer
  • Wearing his boots... the dirty, hole-y ones
  • Climbing
  • Fleece full-body PJs... he'd wear those all day:)
  • Loves singing and doing some movements for the Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • And really loves it when Daddy comes home in the evenings:)
    Momma's Thoughts

    The adorable little face and little fingers that lead me are getting more and more boy-like, sometimes sticky and always on a mission:) Nate's personality is very much like his siblings.. more reserved in new places and WIDE OPEN when he's comfortable.
    {pretty} - he still has such pretty hair
    Even though he climbs a Lot and is getting higher and higher, he's also very cautious. I know that doesn't seem possible, but he is always watching his steps.

    As precious as these days are, there is definitely a balance of sweet and challenging moments! I try to enjoy the sweet, easy moments knowing that there are plenty of challenges ahead.

    I've also tried to understand some of Nate's actions when at first they look like disobedience! Sometimes it's not disobedience, but Nate trying to do what he thinks is right. Of course, other times it is disobedience :/

    Again, I'm learning a lot from my kids about really being a good mom:)

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    Drea said...

    he sure has grown. :( - so sweet. Owen turns 2 this month.... hard to believe. went to fast. He also is talking a lot more but rarely makes much sense, its adorable ;-)

    Jenny said...

    There is no way he can be almost 2! I remember when he was born and his 1st birthday.

    He is too cute. LOL about him bringing in new pj's and a diaper at night time.

    grandma said...

    Nate, Granddaddy and I think you are such a precious and adorable little fellow. You truly are getting so big and learning so much each day.

    Anonymous said...

    Awe our babies are growing up...Laura will be 2 on 3/12...seems like we just had her first bday party too! She is a very talkative lil lady and luvs being mommy to both Harley and Max:)

    Lisa said...

    He does have pretty hair!

    Angela said...

    It was fun to read about your Nate. My Nate will turn 2 in May. The time goes so fast.