Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday

In Everything

Me: So what did I miss? (on Liberty's Kids, of course the Revolutionary War videos they have been addicted to and try to call it history lessons... LOL!!)

Anna (7 yrs old): Well, Sarah saw a handsome soldier and she flicked her eyes at him! I mean her eyelashes... she flicked her eyelashes at him because... hmmm... because she liked him!

I have more quotes, but I don't remember then word-for-word :( But these kids are spitting out soo many different Revolutionary War facts and events from what they remember from our reading, but especially these little shows! They (and I) are learning things I had never known before about Early American History.... I've enjoyed watching it with them AND getting the laundry folded as we watch;)


IMG_9607"Daisy" is Nate's (22 months)  new word;) It's adorable to hear him calling the "kitties" but even more adorable to hear him call Daisy.

The kittens are definitely NOT lacking in attention from anyone in the house... and especially not Nate;)

On Saturday we did a little furniture shopping for the new house. For 3 or so years we have wanted  a new "dining" room table. We found one we thought we liked on sale and so we went to see it.

While we were there, Chris (6 yrs old) kept telling us how much he likes a little wooden student desk he had found.

I asked him why he wanted a "desk".

He responded, "I just need a spot to write down all of my stories!" 

He IS a very creative story teller and writer;) He's  been asking for a blog of his own, too!!

Chris after a sweet desert, "I need to brush my enamel!!"

I guess those lessons on the teeth and the importance of brushing has made an impression:)

During a recent Walmart trip, the girls were looking through the pet section for some toys,etc for their kittens.

Chris : We need to start getting stuff  for my dog.

LOL!! When we started the "pet conversation" we had talked first about getting a dog. Chris has more of a "dog" personality and we like the idea of having a big, outside dog. The constant care of a dog and the lack of flexibility of jumping in the van for a weekend trip kind of stalled the conversation.

At the store, it wasn't until we turned the corner into a section that I looked down into the cart and saw a strange box. Sure enough, Chris was helping us "get ready" and had thrown an electric fence in the cart:) LOL!! I didn't even know WalMart sold those;)

Glad I found it... that would have really messed with our grocery budget... LOL!!!

Now it's your turn!!


Jenny said...

LOL at Christ saying he needs to brush his enamel! Those kids of yours are so smart!

Sarah said...

Brush my enamel....that is priceless! How did you keep from laughing?

I would love to link up my posts. They are a similar theme but I have titled them Serious Silliness. Would that be ok?