Thursday, March 29, 2012

When We Finish School Early...

we venture outside:)

On Monday, after being in the house most of Saturday and Sunday (due to rain!), we needed the outdoor retreat! So we went looking for spring...


and found puddles;)




I love spring blossoms;)






The kids found a pecan to play "soccer'' with in the puddle;)


Lydia was obviously the child that enjoyed the water the MOST!

It's still only Spring;) Nate was freezing when he came out of the water... he was a walking goose bump! The poor little thing curled up in the wagon to try to stay warm :(

Since we were walking distance from home and in a semi-secluded spot, I did some quick thinking! I took off my tank top under my t-shirt and put it on Nate! He warmed up pretty quickly:)


When the older kids saw how Nate was immediately warmer decided that I need to wear 4 tank tops next time;) LOL!!

We did much more splash than hunting... but we did it all together (except for Momma not getting into the puddle... someone has to clean everyone up) ! Definitely a memory making event and it was very nice get out to enjoy the beautiful morning.

I love the flexibility of home schooling!

round button chicken


Grammie said...

Love the great pictures and WHAT FUN....I LOVE SPRING

Jenny said...

These are such cute pictures! What a fun time!

grandma said...

adorable pictures

Suanna said...

Next time you'll have to put a stack of towels in a trash bag in the wagon and get wet, too. The kids will love it and think Mommy has gone crazy.

Mary said...

Dogwood & wisteria blossums - beautiful!
Your kids will treasure the memory of playing in puddles.

Bunch of Barrons said...

That looks like SO much fun! :)

Alexandra Jacobs said...

I came across your website and found it very enjoyable. I just had a couple of questions so if you could e-mail me back that would be great!

texasmcvays said...

Yeah for Puddles!

deb duty said...

Looks like a fun time outside and you definitely found some lovely spring blossoms!

Lisa said...

What a cute post this is - and great photos! Lots of fun.

Leila said...

I'm so glad those children were wearing their puddle boots or they would have gotten WET!! ;)
Great photos, lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

Your spring pictures - both of the children and the flowers - are wonderful. :-)

alicia said...

Your blooms are beautiful, but your puddle shots are fabulous! The bike in the ditch is crackin me up! These would be perfect for our theme this week- Rain/Water! Thanks so much for linking to our Leap into Spring Challenge!