Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday : Yesss, the real Nate & Siblings

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I think I mentioned on Nate's last "update" that he has been saying "yes" and "no" very clearly! Honestly, it's been very nice to be able to ask him something and have him communicate back versus just guessing at what he wants all the time!


Nate is fussing at the table and we're not sure what he wants... it happens a lot, probably because he's the first one at the table to eat and also has the smallest plate;)

Me: Nate do you want more chicken?
Nate: No.
Me: Do you want more broccoli?
Nate: Yesss.

But the conversations are also sweet and funny:)

One morning Nate woke in our bed (another night of wandering into our room)and I was snuggling him as he woke up.

I asked him, "Did you come into my bed last night?"
Nate: Yessss.

Me: Why did you come into my bed?
Nate: Da-da.

Me: You came into my bed to snuggle with Da-da?
Nate: [cheesy grin] Yessss.

I quickly relayed the story to Brian; it made the foot in the back worth it, right;)

And I have to get a video of the "yesss"... he sticks that little tongue in his paci-front teeth... just adorable!

The older kids have been looking through older blog pictures recently... a favorite past time around here;)

This week they found a picture of Nate... not so long ago:(

Lydia(5yrs): Hey, look, here is a picture of Nate with long hair.
Chris(6 yrs): Awww, he looks soo different with long hair.
Lydia: I miss his long hair.
Chris: Yeah, I want the real Nate back. The Nate with long hair!

Lydia has a new phrase....

One afternoon the kids were giggling like crazy around the lunch table!! The silly giggles that just keep coming...  the " no matter what the others say, everything is absolutely hilarious" giggles!

Lydia comes stumbling into the kitchen and says, "You should hear us in there, we are acting like sisters and brothers!"

LOL... adorable and sweet! And I'm glad they have the opportunity to have plenty of giggle time together around the lunch table as sisters and brothers;)

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Jenny said...

LOL about acting like sisters and brothers!