Thursday, March 15, 2012

Popsicle Weather in Winter & Wandering Kitty

The weather has been amazing the last few days... just beautiful!

We've been outside in shorts and T-shirts and Popsicles;) It's technically still Winter and we're eating Popsicle;) Right now we'll take it, but I'm a little concerned that might mean a HOT summer... yikes the 80 degree weather here today seemed warm enough:)

And having all the kids eating Popsicles together has to mean...  Popsicle Pictures!!

This was my favorite of the bunch.

This is what happens when I say "Look at me and smile!!"

Blue Teeth

Green Teeth

Just so you know my kids are real! Just minutes after the cute, loving together pictures...

Nate is off the bench looking for the kitten, Anna is checking out where her Popsicle has dripped and Lydia & Chris.... what do you say about Lydia & Chris? I'm not sure what Chris did, but the picture captures the "after" Lydia hit him in the back and his reaction.

Siblings! :/

If you have been keeping us with us the last few weeks you would have already met Coller and Daisy, our new pet stray kittens. We actually had been "loving" on them for months now...

IMG_0166but they wandered into our yard and needed a home;) These kittens have been great for our kids! They have loved having them and taken such great care of them.... being sure they have clean, fresh water and plenty of food. Lots of pets and snuggles.

But earlier this week, Coller wandered off. She's been more of the wandering of the two kittens. But none of our neighbors have seen her since SUnday evening :(

I even called Animal Control to see if they had picked her up this week :/

It's definitely "real" that stray cats wander...

and that I have a little girl constantly at the window checking to see if her kitty has made it home, yet!

I'm left with the memory of her seeing Coller this weekend and running outside to pet her kitty. The kitten saw her from across the yard and just ran to her:) It was precious and I WISH I had it as a video;)

For now Daisy is getting all the attention... and is loving most of  it;)

Updated! This morning as Lydia and I were feeding Daisy we called out for Coller. We still had hope!

Strangely enough we heard a "meow". It sounded close to us but we didn't see the kitten making the noise. It was then we thought that maybe she had gotten stuck in the loft of the back storage shed. We had been in the shed this weekend getting out the Gator.

So Momma on a ladder at 8:15am "saving" the curious little kitty that in fact DID get stuck in the loft of the storage shed.... that is real... and thankfully there are NO pictures;)

Our stray (and curious) kitty is back after being MIA for almost 3 days and we have a little girl who is ecstatic to have her kitty back in her arms;)

The whole incident reminded me of Ann's family and their little wandering goat! A sweet story!

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Jenny said...

Oh no, I'm sorry the kitty hasn't come back yet. That's got to bed hard for you all. I hope she returns.

The kids look so cute. It was hot here today, 86. It set a record. We were at the zoo and the kids had blue and red sno cone lips. LOL!

Jenny said...

It's always popsicle time no matter whether it is summer or winter ;-)

Lisa said...

I'm so glad you got your kitty back! We're having very springlike weather here in CT, but not quite popsicle weather. :)

*kate said...

It's not yet shorts weather here but a popsicle is always a good treat! I'm glad my boys are kinda in bed so they did see and start begging ;-)

Leila said...

Those photos on the bench with all the kids are so great! Well done!

MG Atwood said...

Fun photos. I'm jealous of your warmth. Our kitty was gone for 2 weeks, so happy you found yours!