Saturday, March 17, 2012

Nate Antics;)

Nate continues to be "into" everything lately.... everything!!!

I'm going to miss these moments one day:) Right now they make me smile and we try to clean them up!! But one day they will be precious moments as we survive our days with a busy toddler;)

Paper towel stacking.

He had to find a way to stack 4 high ;)

Bowl walking.

How in the world did he know this was my greatest "school" pet peeve?? I have to smile though that they are all lined up:)

He is still stealing shoes, too!! Especially the ones laid out to wear to church Sunday morning:)

SOOC Saturday


Jenny said...

He's cute. LOL at the last pic with the boots.

SoCo mom said...

Great pictures. The one with the boots undid me, though. Such cuteness!!

MomLaur said...

AWw, so cute! and great creativity at work there! :D visiting from moments to remember!

Emily said...

How adorable and now you have these moments captured for ever! Thank you for sharing!