Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1st Quarters Favorite Pics

In January, we celebrated Lydia's 5th Birthday:)I loved this picture of my beautiful, thoughtful and sweet little girl!

Too precious when a game of "simon says" turned into an explosion of giggling... I love having the kids all of working together all day... some days are more challenging, but there are plenty more "worth it" moments!

We welcomed two furry members to our family:) We've loved these two stray kittens (Daisy and Collar) and all of their antics!

The weather this March has been AMAZING:) I love that we've already enjoyed some popsicles and plenty of afternoons in the yard!

I hadn't found the opportunity to share this picture of Nate enjoying breakfast on the tractor Saturday morning! The weather was so gorgeous (and the kitties needed to be fed) that we were outside before 8:30am... some of us still in our PJs:) By 9ish though I was thankful we had gotten out so early because the storm clouds came in and it rained until Monday:) I love this picture because of the bright colors of his Pjs, his tractor and banana:)


Ashley Sisk said...

Your kids look like so much fun - love it!

Amber said...

The last photo had me smiling from ear to ear. It is so my son.....eating a banana on his tractor in his Thomas P.J.'s (we have that tractor in our back yard).

I also love the giggles!!!

Jenny said...

Cute pictures! I love the colors on that last one too!

Michele said...

I love your photos, but those last two are just precious. Such fun childhood moments and you captured them beautifully. TFS.

Anonymous said...

These are great. Sorry I missed your post. Somehow I missed a whole line of posts. I love the last two!! Awesome job!