Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Crazy Thursday : Early Morning, Science Center & Spaying Males

We've had the kitties for a month or two now, we wanted to be responsible pet owners by having our females outdoor cats spayed and getting their "shots"! Thankfully our area has a low-cost spay clinic, so in late February we made our appointment for last Thursday.

It was going to be a busy day for us. We had to drop the kitties off early which meant leaving early for us:/

We didn't leave as early as we were hoping to. I had set my alarm to go off at 5:40am, but I'm not very used to setting the alarm and I didn't complete the process by turning it on:/ We were hoping to leave the house by 6:45am but Brian woke me up at 6:30!!! Yikes!!

Thankfully we left at 7-ish (which was a miracle... having the kids sleep in their clothes for the next day helped A LOT... it was their idea and I'm glad we "ok"ed it!!) packed with kitties, breakfast and all the stuff we'd need for our day away. (Since the kittens had to be picked up at 4:30 and it's almost an hour drive from the house, we thought it would be the best use of time and gas to stay in the area.)

And we made it plenty of time:)

After the "drop off" we got back into the van and I handed out breakfast. Then we made a "potty stop" and got gas since we were running on fumes. (I hadn't stopped earlier because I wanted to drop off the kittens in time :/) And cLeaned up Nate... yes, sticking your finger down your throat after eating does result in a mess!

Finally we made it to a science and nature center that we had been wanting to visit.





One part of the science center had one of those old bank canisters with piping that went through the ceiling to the 2nd floor and then back on the other side of the room. Those things are soo cool and the pipes it followed were clear so the kids could watch it go from side to side.

The staff provided slips of paper to write messages to send to friend on the other side:) When we go their the messages from other students said "You are ugly!" or something "stupid". I chuckled a little bit after my kids and two other home school families had finished with the activity:

My kids say plenty of "not very nice" things to one another enough. But I was glad to see the messages that they had sent each other this day:)

We ate a quick lunch and attempted to watch the Planetarium show... of course Nate started screaming as soon as they shut the door and dimmed the lights. I tried to quiet him down during a video of a space shuttle launch, but he was NOT having it :/

On the way home we picked up some summer cloths for Anna at Once Upon a Child and drove through a Sonic before 4:) And then headed back to pick-up the kittens!!

After the craziness of the day, I still think what we found out at the clinic was the craziest and was the perfect fit for our day! LOL!!

Our kitties .... Daisy and Collar... the females we brought to be spayed...

were males!!!

LOL, yes males! Yes, I didn't check the sex of the kittens I just took it for granted that the two "reliable" sources were right... LOL!!

The post-op directions said to keep the kittens (who would probably be drowsy) in a quiet and safe place. So we made a blanket bed in our washroom (which leads directly outside) for the kittens and then let them out of the carriers. The kittens RAN for the door.... LOL... they were ready to be back outside! To run and play and try to catch birds :)

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Jenny said...

LOLOL about the cats! You know, they do look like boys. I had a friend that had a kitten named Rico. I don't remember the story, but it was almost a year later when she found out he was a she.

Joan said...

I LOVE IT. We had a cat named Henry once who was a girl... and a "male" hamster who had babies. I blame the store employees for that one. I loved seeing your little ones carrying the cat carriers; they're almost as big as the kids! :) Thanks for stopping by and for linking up!

SoCo mom said...

Wow, you had a full day! The science center looks amazing and I am glad you had a fun day while waiting for the kitties. Too funny about the gender mix-up but good for you for taking care of those guys!

OrdainedPraise said...

Glad you had a fun day and you know the gender of your cats now!

Phoenix said...

Love your photos! That's so funny about the cats we had that happen with our last kitten! lol