Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday : God's Creations

For Awana Chris has been working on verses about creation! It has affected our conversations;)

Chris and Lydia found a slug, or something. And this is what I heard...
Chris : Lydia, don't squish it!
Lydia leaning over to get a closer look : But it only has one eye.
Chris: Don't squish it, it's one of God's creation! But it only has one eye, so maybe it's an alien.

One of our church members has a pond and some ducks at his house. One duck is the ugliest thing, in my opinion! But I made my opinion public and was quickly corrected.

Chris: Oh Mom, that is rude. Everything that God made was good.

On a walk this week, Chris shared.
Chris: I love the Spring. This weather is so beautiful, God made our world so amazing! It's nice that we get to enjoy it!!

Join us as we share the sweet, loving, funny and crazy things our kids are talking about each week!!


Jenny said...

That is so sweet!

grandma said...

One observant and smart little man~