Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

Monday last week, was a very different "school" day. Nate had a really high fever Sunday night... even his little fingers were burning up. Sometime in the middle of the night his fever finally responded to the Tylenol, but I know we had to take him to the pediatrician. They diagnosed him with Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease...

I'm a little skeptical that he does have HFMd since he has more symptoms that normal HFMd and the spots the pediatrician "saw" are microscopic probably from him screaming his head off while she checked his lungs, heart and ears:/ It's usually blisters and Nate didn't have anything like that!

Anyway, the rest of the week it was doses of Tylenol, fussy, extremely picky & erratic eating toddler, lots of poopy diapers, diaper rash... basically Momma tending to Nate more than usual. Thankfully we found ways to school around Nate's needs... even pulling out the books when we got home Monday afternoon :/

We also prepared the house for company;) We had Brian's brother Scott and Aunt Bea come stay the night with us:) Let's just say lots of "under the bed" cleaning:)

We had a good time with them. The kids had plenty of uncle wrestling time;) I actually spent a little of the time grading mid-terms for my class... which I hadn't planned to do. But since the kids were all having fun and very occupied, I jumped at the chance to get some work done;)


We read from Acts this week. Prayed for big needs from our extended family this week. Continued to read from the Story Bible each afternoon.

Awana verses are going strong. They are little sponges when it comes to memorizing these verses!!

Language Arts
I didn't take any language arts pictures this week... but I am really liking our divided schedule (language arts and math in the morning and then history and/or Science while Nate naps). Our mornings are still busy:) But it gives us some room to enjoy the material and not just rush to check it off our "to do" list!

Somehow we completed 4 math lessons a piece this week... here are our highlights;)


Lydia's math assessment this week. I helped her spell some of the words... but the rest she did alone;)

Ways to make 10 with playing cards. We did the game in the book and then memory (Chris and Lydia)

Chris making all the different types of line segments:

Vertical (minus he head tilt)


I gave you all the good stuff last week;) LOL!!

This week we read more of Johnny Tremain. I tried to read some Independence books... but the kids were a little bored with the same information. Anna worked on the lapbook as we discussed some of the elements as she completed them. There are a few more battles we need to complete and then talk about the Treaty of Paris;)

They watched a good amount of the Liberty's Kids episodes... again, it's not my favorite choice for them to watch videos,etc for learning. But I really liked these videos and they covered soo much about the Revolutionary War in a way that the books we have access to couldn't do. And it was nice to have this week with the fussy toddler and extra cleaning tasks.

With everything else going on this week, Science got pushed to the back burner :( We did have a bottle of coke given to us.


We also spent a lot of time outside this week (after the rain). It seems like Science questions always come up outside... my favorite was Christopher's. "Momma, why did God make the pine cones so sharp on the outside? So the squirrels couldn't eat them?"

Tot in the Schoolroom
I laughed a little when Nate stayed very quiet and busy with these items! It was a good reminder that it doesn't have to be something fancy or expensive for them to enjoy it! I had to share;)

Dry Ziti, a balance and stacking cups
Anna jumped in also and added some pipe cleaners;)

And there's our week. I"m praying for a healthy and fun week! The weather is supposed to be gorgeous and we have a field trip planned!

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Jenny said...

Poor Nate! That is strange that he didn't have the usual symptoms. It sounds like some type of virus, so I hope it's gone now!

You still managed to have a nice week. The kids look so happy doing their schoolwork!