Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Supplies Organizer Using what we Have

Since sometime in the fall when the weather got cooler, the kids and I began home schooling in the dining room...

the same room we eat all our meals :(

The room was freezing each morning, even with using our central heat and a space heater. With busy little Nate, I wasn't comfortable with the space heater and all the toys he'd use to mess with it and stack around it.

The school room also needed some "toddler"-proofing and since we thought we'd be moving in just a couple months it seemed just easier to move to the kitchen table for this "short season". LOL... little did I know how long this season has become.

One thing I desperately needed was to have the basics within an arm's reach. Every time we needed glue, a new pencil, scissors or a ruler we had to go into the school room... moved the blanket around the edge of the door, get our stuff and then tuck the blanket back under the door. For retrieving our daily books it was aggravating enough...but for just a pencil it was crazy... I had to come up with something!

And being the "penny pincher" that I tend to be, I decided to use what we already had around to solve the problem:

plastic organizing basket
small canning jars
coin cups (reused fruit cup cups)

And ... Voila!!

not very pretty, but  it's been perfect this week!

When we set-up the new school room, I'm sure we'll have a different system!

But for now,  we have almost everything we need for our morning work in the basket. So it works for us;)

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