Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday: Nate's 1st Sentence, St Pattys & Christmas

Before I share Nate's first sentence let me share that I feel like Nate has been one of my slowest talkers...I mean he is loud and boy-sterous, but he says a word and then never says it again! I'm not really concerned because Anna took a little longer to talk and also because Nate understands A LOT!! So he obviously is hearing and just taking it all in right now;)

So it's with tremendous pride that I get to share his 1st sentence... subject and verb!

As I"m changing Nate's diaper he says to me, "I pee-pee."

LOL!! What a first sentence!! His wife and children will definitely hear about this:)


Chris was watching the evening news with Brian on St Patrick's Day and they did a little story about Kate visiting some British troops.

The soldiers immediately got Chris' attention. "You mean they are the redcoats!!! The British redcoats? They are still alive? I thought that story happened a long time ago?"

Obviously he is still processing everything we have tried to take in about the American Revolution these last 2 or 3 weeks;)

I also attempted a festive dinner Saturday night before they headed off to the performance.... corned beef, french cut style green beans, stewed potatoes and cake with green icing!! Unfortunately I was in a rush and the meal was definitely less than perfect, especially the cake :(



But don't you know Chris enjoyed my green semi-volcanic almost-bundt looking cake so much that he called it "the best cake ever"!! That made it a "winner" regardless of it's looks;)

IMG_0341This weekend Lydia spent most of the weekend wrapping up little "gifts" for everyone!! She used up two brand new rolls of tape and the rest of a notebook as paper.

Her heart is precious!

Lydia (5 yrs): When we make presents for each other it really feels like Christmas!

And she spent the whole weekend giving "Christmas" to us! Even Brian and I had fun getting little gifts from her:) Opening anything... even a little book from the book shelf is sweet, especially when it is given so freely and with so much joy!

I have a LOT to learn from my kiddies about finding joy and appreciating the little, not so pretty (like my cake) things!

Now it's your turn...

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Jenny said...

Abby and Lydia would have a party with paper and tape! LOL! Abby is always wrapping stuff up.

LOL at Nate's first sentence and Chris about the redcoats. That's cute.