Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Coller's Collar

The girls have wanted to get collars for their kittens. I've been hesitant since they are outside cats. But I do want people to know that they aren't strays and they have a family that adores them;)

So we found some "break-away" collars the other day:)

The girls were soo excited and immediately put them on the kittens!


The next morning we knew the collars were "break-away".... we had Coller with no collar:) Thankfully we had our sweet kitten, but we were a little disappointed that she had already lost her collar!! LOL!!

After a little hunting around the path we think the kittens go "hunt" for extra breakfast, we found Coller's collar in some brush around some fallen branches!

Yay, for the break-away collar!! And our safe, silly kitties;)


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amy said...

They are adorable!! Thank you for linking up at Love Bug!

Jenny said...

They are so cute. LOL about the missing collar on the first night!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Cute and funny.