Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WW: Road Trip to Pey's

After a busy Saturday all of us "doing our own things", Brian suggested a Road Trip on Sunday. While at first I was hesitant, I am thankful we made the decision to jump into the car in the morning and trek to visit the family;)

We spent most of our late morning/early afternoon with my dad (Pey).


He's been fighting colon cancer for almost 10 months, over 20 chemo treatments now! I know not every day is easy, but to see the peace he has is inspiring. He knows he is very ill but is still willing to make an effort to enjoy the days he has been given.

One of the funniest things happened while we were at Pey's. A knock on the door and there is one of my aunts, an uncle and their 3 pooches. They needed a Road Trip and had come to see Pey, too:)


What a treat though to get hours with my dad, aunt and uncle. Since I've gotten older and started my own family I have seen less and less of our extended family. So it was nice to catch up with them, hear of their travels (and get some ideas!!!) and do a little walking down memory lane:)

The kids loved their little dogs...

and I think the dog liked the attention, too!



We made a few stops, too!! Trader Joes:) A craft store to find a project for the girls that "fits" into history! To meet my sister's new little dog, CLifford;) And to see Grammie at work on the way home!!

I long but great day!! We will do it it again:)

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Jenny said...

Cute pics. That sounds like a really busy day! I'm glad you got to see family.

Drea said...

He looks really good... and I love poodles... reminds me of my grandparnets :) they use to have white one named Nim.