Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekly Wrap -Up & more Tot Activities

Some how in all the schooling I managed to take very few "schooling" pictures this week. Maybe it was because we were soo dedicated to our studies I just neglected the camera!

We have continued to work through the biblical stories of Jesus' life and teaching. We talked about the rich man unable to give up everything he had... not because we're supposed to give up everything... but because Jesus knew his heart was tied to his wealth. We're to be willing to give it all in order to follow God's call! God knows our hearts!

Just soo much discussing and teaching... I often fail  to bring faith conversations into our everyday activities. But I am soo thankful for these un-rushed, simply done times of reading Bible stories, discussing, applying, teaching and character forming. Just a few minutes each afternoon as Nate drifts off to sleep.

Studying Awana versus, Anna had a doozy last week!

Language Arts
We did plenty of reading, Grammar, spelling, some writing and trying to get Lydia and Chris into more independent reading.


No pictures this week :( And it's all blending together for me :( I know we had out rulers, geoboard and linking cubes. Lydia had a clock or two, Anna had a lesson about setting up comparison word problems and Chris reviewed the adding and subtracting with 9's.

OH... one of Anna's lessons was about subtracting numbers from 100 mentally. It makes sense now, but I was a little hesitant beginning the lesson because mental math is not a strong trait in either of us :) But it was super easy and fun!! Here's what we learned:)

100- 72 =

use the ones digit to make 10, so 8+2 = 10
use the tens digit to make 9, so 2+7 = 9

And our answer is 28.

Easy!! And it makes sense why it works and it definitely helps when you need to make change from a dollar. How did I miss that "trick"?

As I mentioned last week, we needed some more practice on the different branches of government:) So we did a little guessing game with the projects that we put together last week!



Anna also made a timeline which included the presidents from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln.

She finished quickly and since Lydia and I were still working on "the pile", she read interesting (and silly) facts about each president. It was a reminder to me how normal (or abnormal... LOL!!) some of our past presidents were!

Our history reading this week has been a book from the Sower Series called George Washington: Man of Prayer and Courage. We've gotten about 4 or so chapters into it... I really like that series. They can get facts anywhere, but these books try to portray the subject as a real person.. with common events from their lives and highlighting their faith.

Between the "looking for spring" walk and our Nature and Science Center visit.... science was very away from table work this week. Kind of nice because this week we are gearing up for our home schooling Science Fair... so we have plenty of work to do to get our project boards together!!

Tot in the Schoolroom
Some how in my neglect of getting the kids hard at work, I found plenty of pictures of Nate (23 months!!) and all of his busy activities:)

sorting the linking cubes by color... I'm still amazed how much he likes doing this!

making towers with blocks

riding the gator with his doggie and paci tucked next to him.... inseparable :)

water, cups and spoons in the sink.... totally a messy activity, but it's only water;)


Picture of the Week
Sorting through our "Finished" pile.... I had given up on the kids putting each assignment in the correct folder, so our finish pile had grown so large papers were sliding off :( I sooooo need a better system at the new house... wishful thinking, I know;)

So Tuesday afternoon... we sorted:/  And we have managed to put papers in the correct folder... for now!!


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grandma said...

I'm impressed with Nate's sorting colors. Good luck to all in the Science Fair on Thursday.

Jenny said...

Ok, I don't get that mental math thing at all! How did you get 28 from those tips? I'm so confused. LOL!