Friday, May 27, 2011

Anna is 7!!!

She's been soo excited:) We have some plans this weekend to celebrate that we're all very excited to do... which is very fun!!

Anna has continued to grow and mature this year!! On one hand I see her face and think,"She's 7 already??" and then I have a conversation with her and think,"She's only 7???" She's just always just seemed more mature (although she knows how to be silly too!!).

She is also an amazing help to me. Like helping to get Chris and Lydia to church:) She enjoys having simple responsibilities and helping her younger siblings. Just this week at the park I went to get our lunch... I had our two bags with our lunch and Nate in my arms. She saw that I was going to the picnic shelter and thought she'd help out by bringing the stroller that was next to the playground!! Without me asking... just soo helpful and thoughtful.

We am soo thankful and blessed to have such a sweet, helpful and kind daughter. I also love her compassionate little heart. This year as we've watched the Little House on the Prairie series together, I have loved that when I have tears in my eyes she does, too;)

So what is Anna like as a 7 year old???

Anna is 49.5 inches tall and weighs 53 lbs

Her favorites:
  • Color : Red & Yellow
  • Food : Pork BBQ
  • Treat: SweetTarts & Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Subject : History
  • Animal: Zebra (at the zoo)
  • Do inside: Play with Legos
  • Toys: Dinah (her doll)
  • Song to Sing: "songs I make up"
  • Restaurant: Sonic (for slushies)
  • Book: Precious Girls Club
  • Movie: Spirit, Little House in the Prairie series
  • PBSkids Show: Curious George, Wild Kratts, Martha Speaks, Saddle Club, The Cat and the Hat

Goals for her 7th year: Ride a horse!

When you ask her what she wants to be when she "grows up" she'll respond "a babysitter"!

And what is the coolest thing about being 7?? She responded, "That I get to go visiting with Daddy!" She goes while the others nap in the afternoons:)

Happy Birthday, Anna,
my Awesome 7 yr old!!

a link to her pic last year... for comparison sake;)
a link to her 5th birthday montage
with baby pics
and a link to her birth story


grandma and granddaddy said...

Our sweet Anna! Happy Birthday. We thought you were the prettiest girl we had ever seen the first time we saw you! And you still are! Have a wonderful birthday. We love you very much and are so proud and thankful for you.

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Anna!!!

Drea said...

She has a doll named Dinah?! :)

Meg said...

Happy Birthday to Anna!

Anonymous said...

Awww. Cute photos and great post. I forgot we shared a birthday. :) Have a great weekend.

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday to Anna! She's so cute and seems like such a sweet girl!

Anonymous said...

A very happy belated Birthday ANNA! Hope you had a wonderful day and could enjoy each minutes of it!
Sorry for the delay, I was down in Greece.